New Year, New Name, New Blog, Same Me!

I would like to take a moment to thank all my wonderful followers for sticking with me through my inconsistent postings. I am closing this blog, and my new blog can be found here.


I had to switch back over due to some well calculated businessey things. I am very excited to announce that I will be recording all those videos I promised very soon because I am finally getting a good video camera! Like a tutorial worthy camera.

You’re all the best, I love you very much! Thanks again for the great time it has been over the last two years on this blog. I would be so grateful if you followed me over so we can continue our relationship.



Change is in the Air

I have decided that I am going to switch back to the blogger platform, and I’m working on rebranding this blog and my company. Please follow my blogger blog if you haven’t already. The next few months will be interesting though I hope you follow me over there. That’s where I will be updating exclusively and these posts will be deleted as soon as the change over is complete.

There will be video guides for each of my original patterns along with video guides for crochet, for knitting, and my vlog! I am so excited about all of the things I will be working on this year.

There are so many other exciting new things that we’re doing and I can’t wait to announce them all!


Since it is the beginning of a new year everyone gets so into improving their lives and we make all these “resolutions”. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I personally rarely can stick to a resolution, so this year I didn’t see a point in making one.

New Years though always makes me go through and super clean my house, organize my computer’s storage, and touch up my blog. So today I am quite excited to announce that I will be uploading video tutorials of all my original patterns. In addition to all of that there will be video tutorials of crochet and knitting stitches. So stay tuned.

I have decided for now to give up on the craft fair planning since it has been a rocky go of it for a while. I am taking an indefinite break from it. I needed to refocus my priorities and unfortunately had to cut that one out.

There will be a lot of great changes coming from this blog soon and here’s to the new year!