{12} CAL 2015 Mood Blanket Week 2

This week was a little down. I think it’s mostly because my man had to go back to work and all this great family time got turned back into the usual hustle and bustle of our busy lives. I have to connect the last few squares because I’ve been so busy. I have three hat orders and a slipper order I’m surprised I even had time to do the squares!

NewYearsSquare1 2 3 4 5 6 7

So the squares in order. New Years, Jan1 Tired, Jan 2 Excited, Jan 3 Moody, Jan 4 Stressed, Jan 5 Content, Jan 6, Lonely, Jan 7 Happy. Let’s hope next week is brighter! The photos could be a lot better, I just had no time when I had daylight today and wanted to get this post out. My teething baby has been a fussy one today. He turned 9 months today though so it’s quite exciting.

I guess I’m going to be posting on Wednesdays because that’s a full 7 day week of squares. Much love see you next time! Don’t forget to share in the comments your squares!


{8} CAL 2015 365 Mood Blanket Week 1

I’m going to start this post out by wishing all of you a happy new year! For a post about my resolutions check them out on my other blog.

So the crochet a long 2015 mood blanket here I come! I am quite excited for this because after the one blanket I managed to make in the span of three days once, I haven’t ever completed a blanket. A friend found this link from 2013, and that’s where we got the idea. Here we go! I couldn’t find the proper pictures of colors I wanted to use so it’ll be a mystery to you until I post the pictures of the blanket progress.


Loving- Red
Energetic- Orange
Excited- Yellow
Content- Green
Happy- Blue
Refreshed- Purple

Moody- Pink
Lonely- Peach
Unhappy- Pastel Yellow
Upset- Pastel Green
Tired- Pastel Blue
Stressed- Purple

I added two moods so I could have the full rainbow spectrum. I added lonely and happy. The rest were on the other post. To take the edge off the negativity I chose to use pastels because I feel that it might cheer me up to work with soft colors at the end of a crappy day.

I also noticed one flaw in this idea. 365 is only divisible by two numbers 5 and 73. To make the blanket fit better I plan to put in a special square for each of my boys’, their dad, and my birthday. I might add in more as I go it depends on my mood on those days I guess.

I am using an H hook, with worsted weight (4) acrylic yarn.

The squares:

The Puff SquareTraditional Granny Square
Some pinterest pictures
This really great square from Moogly (for special days)

With the squares I am making sure that they are all 5 inches. Meaning I’ll do however many rounds of each square to make 5 inches since I’m using different patterns there might be a different amount of rounds.

Here is my square for tonight. I chose pastel blue since I slept all day, I was very tired. This one is the puff stitch square.


Here is my square for celebrating New Years. This one is one I mimicked from a picture I saw on pinterest a long time ago. Can’t credit back because it was just a saved image on my computer. (Sorry.)


So there you have it! I encourage others to try this. And if you do leave me a link in the comments and we can have a link party when we update. I am probably going to make a group on Ravelry in the near future for this.

Thank you all and have a great start to the new year!

{6} New Years and Crochet

A friend tagged me in a post on facebook about this project. A project that I am quite excited to start. I am still working out the details, I think I will post my progress every Monday.

About the project… It’s a mood blanket. Crochet a square using a predetermined color that expresses your mood daily, of weekly. I am choosing to do it daily. Her chart looks like this.

However I think I will switch it up a little. Red is my favorite color so I wouldn’t want it to represent upset. So, when I start the project on January first I will post my mood chart.

I plan to just crochet or sew them together as I go. I feel like it will give a good representation of my year. I am quite excited for this project! I have spent a lot of time crocheting in the last few months but I haven’t updated. Tomorrow I will post a full update on what I have been up to. Though for now I am going to get off.

Hope everyone had a great winter holiday!!!