{1} Introducing…

I decided that I needed a fresh start with a new blog to share my patterns, and to market my products. So here it is. I am still tweaking things since I haven’t ever used WordPress before. It is a huge world full of possibilities once I learn how to use them all!

So expect to see a lot of changes in the near future.

So, I will start by telling you all what I am about. I don’t believe in charging people for a pattern when it comes to crochet work. I used to not be able to read patterns and if you are good enough at crochet you will know that you can replicate almost anything from a good enough photo. Though, that’s not really all of it. I just feel that sharing the know-how of something shouldn’t come at a price. So I will not ever charge for patterns. Products made from my patterns I will definitely charge for, and I encourage anyone who uses my patterns to use them to sell items as well.

I started my hand craft business to help fund extra stuff for my son. He’s six now, but when I started he was two. I have always either stayed at home with him or worked a part time job. So that doesn’t bring in a lot of money for fun stuff. Then I started selling my kandi, crochet items, and perler bead creations. It makes me happy to make something that someone else would want.

I seem to be rambling at this point. So stay tuned, I intend on updating at least three times a week. I should have my shop page up and running by the end of the week.

Thank you all!

xoxo Lacie Rose