{7} What I’ve Been Up To

So I took a very long break from the blog world. Here is a display of what I filled that time with!

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That’s only from the collection on this computer. So there is is…most of what I’ve been up to. Don’t have pictures of the sweater I crocheted, or the hats I knitted. Though I will post some soon.

Much love!

P.S. If interested in purchasing anything photographed please feel free to comment of email me!


{6} New Years and Crochet

A friend tagged me in a post on facebook about this project. A project that I am quite excited to start. I am still working out the details, I think I will post my progress every Monday.

About the project… It’s a mood blanket. Crochet a square using a predetermined color that expresses your mood daily, of weekly. I am choosing to do it daily. Her chart looks like this.

However I think I will switch it up a little. Red is my favorite color so I wouldn’t want it to represent upset. So, when I start the project on January first I will post my mood chart.

I plan to just crochet or sew them together as I go. I feel like it will give a good representation of my year. I am quite excited for this project! I have spent a lot of time crocheting in the last few months but I haven’t updated. Tomorrow I will post a full update on what I have been up to. Though for now I am going to get off.

Hope everyone had a great winter holiday!!!