New Year, New Name, New Blog, Same Me!

I would like to take a moment to thank all my wonderful followers for sticking with me through my inconsistent postings. I am closing this blog, and my new blog can be found here.


I had to switch back over due to some well calculated businessey things. I am very excited to announce that I will be recording all those videos I promised very soon because I am finally getting a good video camera! Like a tutorial worthy camera.

You’re all the best, I love you very much! Thanks again for the great time it has been over the last two years on this blog. I would be so grateful if you followed me over so we can continue our relationship.



{23} Craft Fair Preperation is never ending!

I’ve been preparing for a craft fair and there is so much work! I keep feeling like my inventory is getting pretty solid then I count it all out and lay it out on a table and realize I still have so much to do. Crafting life!

I have switched my focus from hats and stuffed toys to baby items. Mostly headbands and photo props. It works out better because I have a lot less actual work to do to get one item made, they look better and more people want them. It has been a win-win-win situation.

Eventually I’ll get enough inventory to finally be ready hopefully by the 12th because that is the date of the next fair.

Wish me luck!