{18} Been a while…

As sime of you may have noticed I’ve been a bit m.i.a. There has been so much stuff happen I couldn’t even begin to talk about.  Life happens to everyone.

This is what ive been up to creatively.


Crayon Art


Wishing Vials


More Crayon Art




Scrap Handdyed Yarn Tunisian Crochet Glass Pipe Bag


Mudding with the boyfriend


Seeing Goats


Hosting a craft Fair

There are more but I am doing thia on my phone. Anyway I’m hoping to give a real update and get back to blogging soon. 

Thanks for reading! ♡ you guys!


{3} Hand Dyeing Cotton Yarn

My sister-in-law used to dye her yarn, and I always wanted to but I didn’t like using cotton yarn back then. Now I have decided that when all my acrylic is gone I am going to go strictly cotton. Tonight I decided to dye some yarn. I made 3 hanks of white yarn each weighing 2oz, since that’s the weight of the cotton yarn I usually buy.

I found a video tutorial on dyeing cotton yarn with Tulip tie-dye kits. So, I started this project. I made a ball of Teal, left it in for 4 hours to get a light color, a ball of Coral, left that one in for 4 hours also to get a peachy color. The last one I did was a gradient of Red, green and yellow. Lately I have been really into rasta stuff, so I decided to make my own gradient and see how it turns out.

I made the mistake of untying the teal one when it was wet and trying to dry it. The coral one I left tied and it still was a little tangled. Though the teal one I spent a literal two hours untangling.


Here is the final product! I am going to sell custom hand dyed yarns in my shop as soon as I get enough colors to photograph them all.

Teal Yarn Coral YarnRasta Yarn

Then I immediately dyed the rest of my white yarn. I plan to upload more photos as soon as the others are done.

Much love, until next time!