New Year, New Name, New Blog, Same Me!

I would like to take a moment to thank all my wonderful followers for sticking with me through my inconsistent postings. I am closing this blog, and my new blog can be found here.


I had to switch back over due to some well calculated businessey things. I am very excited to announce that I will be recording all those videos I promised very soon because I am finally getting a good video camera! Like a tutorial worthy camera.

You’re all the best, I love you very much! Thanks again for the great time it has been over the last two years on this blog. I would be so grateful if you followed me over so we can continue our relationship.




Since it is the beginning of a new year everyone gets so into improving their lives and we make all these “resolutions”. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I personally rarely can stick to a resolution, so this year I didn’t see a point in making one.

New Years though always makes me go through and super clean my house, organize my computer’s storage, and touch up my blog. So today I am quite excited to announce that I will be uploading video tutorials of all my original patterns. In addition to all of that there will be video tutorials of crochet and knitting stitches. So stay tuned.

I have decided for now to give up on the craft fair planning since it has been a rocky go of it for a while. I am taking an indefinite break from it. I needed to refocus my priorities and unfortunately had to cut that one out.

There will be a lot of great changes coming from this blog soon and here’s to the new year!

{13} Too Busy…

So I am sure you have all noticed that I missed a week on my CAL project. I am getting so many orders and preparing for a craft fair… that I am hosting! I think I may have taken on too much to do the whole square a day project. I am going to be revising it to be a large square a week. I will redo my squares for the last two weeks and then make one for this one when I update my post about it.

I want to feel like a failure for it, but I keep telling myself not to because I have made a lot of money and gotten a lot accomplished in the time that I haven’t been working on it. Not to mention being a full time stay at home mother of two.

I feel so accomplished though because I have finished all of these wonderful projects and started a few more tht I will update with soon.

IMG_20150119_221432 IMG_20150113_204103 IMG_20150113_204301 IMG_20150113_220000 IMG_20150114_235217 IMG_20150115_232149 IMG_20150117_140525IMG_20150114_012208 IMG_20150118_022441

The last in an incomplete, but pretty great work in progress. It’s a halter top I’m making for a convention on memorial day weekend. Anyhow there have been at least five other things that I didn’t get pictures of before I sold them.

Keep on hookin’! Love you all thanks for reading.