I’m going to start this out by giving a short introduction. My name is Lacie Rose. I am a novice blogger. I quite enjoy writing and photography. So a friend of mine many years ago suggested I maintain a blog. I finally found a site I like using so from here on out this blog is my main one.

I am new to the grow your blog party and I am quite excited to see all the other blogs participating. If there is one thing I love more than blogging it’s reading the blogs other people write.

I created this blog to share my journey through learning new crafts and bettering the ones I already know. I enjoy crochet. I spend a great portion of my time crocheting. My family is always making fun of me about how much I like to “play with yarn.” I have no problems with this, because it’s usually funny. Besides when it gets cold they all ask for new hats! I am an amateur jewelry maker and knitter.

I really love this blog because everyone who knows me in person grows tired of my constant talking about and sharing my crafts. Though on the internet, there are so many people who love to craft and who love to read about crafting. I can always just write about it on here and I don’t have to worry about boring the people I love who aren’t as interested.

If anyone has anymore questions for me feel free to email Thank you for visiting and for making me a part of this blog party!


{13} Too Busy…

So I am sure you have all noticed that I missed a week on my CAL project. I am getting so many orders and preparing for a craft fair… that I am hosting! I think I may have taken on too much to do the whole square a day project. I am going to be revising it to be a large square a week. I will redo my squares for the last two weeks and then make one for this one when I update my post about it.

I want to feel like a failure for it, but I keep telling myself not to because I have made a lot of money and gotten a lot accomplished in the time that I haven’t been working on it. Not to mention being a full time stay at home mother of two.

I feel so accomplished though because I have finished all of these wonderful projects and started a few more tht I will update with soon.

IMG_20150119_221432 IMG_20150113_204103 IMG_20150113_204301 IMG_20150113_220000 IMG_20150114_235217 IMG_20150115_232149 IMG_20150117_140525IMG_20150114_012208 IMG_20150118_022441

The last in an incomplete, but pretty great work in progress. It’s a halter top I’m making for a convention on memorial day weekend. Anyhow there have been at least five other things that I didn’t get pictures of before I sold them.

Keep on hookin’! Love you all thanks for reading.

{12} CAL 2015 Mood Blanket Week 2

This week was a little down. I think it’s mostly because my man had to go back to work and all this great family time got turned back into the usual hustle and bustle of our busy lives. I have to connect the last few squares because I’ve been so busy. I have three hat orders and a slipper order I’m surprised I even had time to do the squares!

NewYearsSquare1 2 3 4 5 6 7

So the squares in order. New Years, Jan1 Tired, Jan 2 Excited, Jan 3 Moody, Jan 4 Stressed, Jan 5 Content, Jan 6, Lonely, Jan 7 Happy. Let’s hope next week is brighter! The photos could be a lot better, I just had no time when I had daylight today and wanted to get this post out. My teething baby has been a fussy one today. He turned 9 months today though so it’s quite exciting.

I guess I’m going to be posting on Wednesdays because that’s a full 7 day week of squares. Much love see you next time! Don’t forget to share in the comments your squares!