{27} Craft Fair Success

Finally we have had a craft fair that I feel was successful. Not due to the amount of people to come through, (90 at most), but because we were featured on the news. Remind me in the future to never go to an event like that looking like a mom! My hair was up in a messy bun and I wasn’t wearing any makeup.

The next one is going to happen sooner than any of them have happened together. So that’s good. We’re aiming for October 24th so we can sell cute Halloween themed items. This is the main reason why it has taken me so long to update. Planning a craft fair and running a family tends to take up a lot of time.

Next week there will be an updated version of the wall organizer pattern. I’ll be starting Wip Wednesday again as well. I love school time! When baby naps I get a whole two hours of time in the morning to work on things. Then when my oldest is doing his homework and baby is afternoon napping, I get more time to work on things! I’m very much a morning person, and I definitely like a schedule.

Much love! Until next time.


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