{21} {Crochet Free Pattern} Rainbow Purse

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I have been trying to expand my skill base to increase sales and to just have a bigger collection of things I can make. So, I have been looking at things on Pinterest and making them from the picture because a lot of them don’t have patterns and a lot of them don’t need patterns because the picture explains everything. I started crocheting from pictures and was unable to read patterns for a very long time so this has been a pretty nice skill.

 This is the purse I made the other day.

I made this one as a prototype. I liked it thought after assembling it it was smaller than I wanted and the colors made it seem really childish. It made the rave girl inside of me happy, but I wanted to make a bigger and less childish version.

So I came up with this. I left the pattern void of the color changes, I used a base of 3 black, then 2 of one color separated by 1 black, ending with 3 black. Though, I left it open so you could put in whatever type of stripes you wanted.


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