{15} Crochet Tips for Beginners

These are just some tips I wish that I had heard or read when I first started crocheting. I will list them and give short explainations for why I feel they are important.

  1. Hook size and yarn weight are important. When following a pattern specifically these are very important. If you’re using a small hook and bigger yarn your project could turn out very small and not work at all. The hook size determines how big the loops will be. Bigger hooks with smaller yarns can make the project have a lot of holes or gaps, and sometimes this looks bad. Some patterns depend on this. Read your pattern, check your gauge.
  2. Count your stitches. This is incredibly important and very few people do this. Though if you want your work to be complex or textured you’ll want to count the stitches to make sure you have enough for your more complex stitch patterns to work out and look good. Not to mention it’s imperative to get your work to size when working with patterns.
  3. Pattern reading… Try it out. I convinced myself I couldn’t do patterns then I found some labeled “beginner” and these seriously helped. They seem hard because they are all in code, dc, sc, slst…it gets a tad confusing. Personally I picture which stitch it is when I see the pattern instructions. So when it says dc, I visualize a complete double crochet. I studied pattern reading keys for so long I finally got it. Do what works best for you, but I implore you to try it out. 🙂
  4. Try to not focus on the flaws at first. Most work has flaws, though unless it’s a major one, try to not let it stop you. Keep going and when it’s done chances are other people won’t see it as you will. Don’t get too stressed or discouraged if you feel like some of your stitches aren’t the same as others. The thing is, you’re learning you’re bound to have flaws and make mistakes.
  5. Pattern Difficulty. Don’t stress if you’re trying a new pattern that is rated higher than most you have done and it doesn’t seem to be coming together right. Set the project down, take a walk, smoke a cigarette do whatever calms you and clears your mind. Then try it again from the start. Or even better, try to find a youtube video of the project you are trying. There will probably be one.

These are just the first five I have. Though there will be more. I have known how to crochet since I was six, but I have been doing it as a job for the last six years. The thing is, I had to learn most of this the hard way because I am stubborn and refuse to take advice when I’m frustrated. So try these tips and see if they work.

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