{8} CAL 2015 365 Mood Blanket Week 1

I’m going to start this post out by wishing all of you a happy new year! For a post about my resolutions check them out on my other blog.

So the crochet a long 2015 mood blanket here I come! I am quite excited for this because after the one blanket I managed to make in the span of three days once, I haven’t ever completed a blanket. A friend found this link from 2013, and that’s where we got the idea. Here we go! I couldn’t find the proper pictures of colors I wanted to use so it’ll be a mystery to you until I post the pictures of the blanket progress.


Loving- Red
Energetic- Orange
Excited- Yellow
Content- Green
Happy- Blue
Refreshed- Purple

Moody- Pink
Lonely- Peach
Unhappy- Pastel Yellow
Upset- Pastel Green
Tired- Pastel Blue
Stressed- Purple

I added two moods so I could have the full rainbow spectrum. I added lonely and happy. The rest were on the other post. To take the edge off the negativity I chose to use pastels because I feel that it might cheer me up to work with soft colors at the end of a crappy day.

I also noticed one flaw in this idea. 365 is only divisible by two numbers 5 and 73. To make the blanket fit better I plan to put in a special square for each of my boys’, their dad, and my birthday. I might add in more as I go it depends on my mood on those days I guess.

I am using an H hook, with worsted weight (4) acrylic yarn.

The squares:

The Puff SquareTraditional Granny Square
Some pinterest pictures
This really great square from Moogly (for special days)

With the squares I am making sure that they are all 5 inches. Meaning I’ll do however many rounds of each square to make 5 inches since I’m using different patterns there might be a different amount of rounds.

Here is my square for tonight. I chose pastel blue since I slept all day, I was very tired. This one is the puff stitch square.


Here is my square for celebrating New Years. This one is one I mimicked from a picture I saw on pinterest a long time ago. Can’t credit back because it was just a saved image on my computer. (Sorry.)


So there you have it! I encourage others to try this. And if you do leave me a link in the comments and we can have a link party when we update. I am probably going to make a group on Ravelry in the near future for this.

Thank you all and have a great start to the new year!


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