{3} Hand Dyeing Cotton Yarn

My sister-in-law used to dye her yarn, and I always wanted to but I didn’t like using cotton yarn back then. Now I have decided that when all my acrylic is gone I am going to go strictly cotton. Tonight I decided to dye some yarn. I made 3 hanks of white yarn each weighing 2oz, since that’s the weight of the cotton yarn I usually buy.

I found a video tutorial on dyeing cotton yarn with Tulip tie-dye kits. So, I started this project. I made a ball of Teal, left it in for 4 hours to get a light color, a ball of Coral, left that one in for 4 hours also to get a peachy color. The last one I did was a gradient of Red, green and yellow. Lately I have been really into rasta stuff, so I decided to make my own gradient and see how it turns out.

I made the mistake of untying the teal one when it was wet and trying to dry it. The coral one I left tied and it still was a little tangled. Though the teal one I spent a literal two hours untangling.


Here is the final product! I am going to sell custom hand dyed yarns in my shop as soon as I get enough colors to photograph them all.

Teal Yarn Coral YarnRasta Yarn

Then I immediately dyed the rest of my white yarn. I plan to upload more photos as soon as the others are done.

Much love, until next time!


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