I am in the process of refining my current patterns before I transfer them over. That on top of running the household, and working on my projects has become a little much. So it is taking a long time. Though, I expect that I should have them done by the end of next week.

In other news, I have figured out a really cool pattern for slippers, when I get a good stock of them I will post pictures. My friend may have convinced me to start selling patterns instead of having them be free, though if I do it, it will be on a donation basis and not selling the pattern outright. I am working out the details. Though, I might have an actual book, or E-book full of them instead of them just being in the blog. A printable one I am thinking. Again, that is just a thought that I am mulling over.

Crocheting is a good hobby to make a tiny bit of income on the side. Mostly I just upload my photos to facebook and my friends purchase the things I make. I have an Etsy, but have made a lot more money off facebook than I ever did on Etsy. My store is currently frozen, working on paying the bill so that I can get it open again. Most of this financial trouble is why I am considering making a E-book or something for sale so I can get a little income to keep working on the crochet that I love doing and keep my store open.

I have a few project posts that I am working on as well. I plan to update again very soon. Life just caught up to me again. J

Much love! Until next time.


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